About The PlayCoin 2.0

In 2017, PlayCoin that advocates structuring of the eco-system for block chain-based game platform for Indi-developer and small game companies, and in order to flexibly respond to the changes in the business environment and system retained by the block chain, it jointly launched high quality projects in 2019 to structure the crypto alliance and pivot (business conversion) the PlayCoin Crypto Alliance (PlayX) to expand and improve the business.

In 2021, PlayCoin Alliance(PlayX) intends to structure Game-fi and P2E Game Alliance by revising the structure of the expanded business domain, focusing on core business again through selection and concentration and composing the block chain-based game platform eco-system in new style for initial Indi developer and small game companies.


First half of 2022

First contract in the for PlayCoin P2E Game Alliance

First half of 2022

PlayCoin Platform Rearrangement - Renewal

Second half of 2022

Open the PlayCoin P2E Game service beta

Second half of 2022

Open PLY reward payment plan

First half of 2023

Second contract for PlayCoin P2E Game Alliance