PlayCoin Alliance

“More convenient real-life service based on
game platform market: this is PlayCoin Business.”

Safe transaction and
infinite usage.

PlayCoin Alliance.

PlayCoin has completed the optimization of cryptocurrency transaction,
send, cash-out process with compatibility and safety of
Qtum platform technology .

Addtionally, PlayCoin is partnered with world-class security solution
Trustonic that apply into unionwallet.
This will provide safety of unionwallet with storing cryptocurrency,
send, and receive.

Currently, PlayCoin has listed on Cobinhood Taiwan, Lbank Singapore,
and Bit-z Hong Kong. This drew attention from global market like Japan and China.

Starting this, PlayCoin will expand the service environment that will be used in
real life like game, payment on both online and offline.

Beginning of new financial life.
Digital wallet & R.T. Payment System.

PlayCoin has partnered with with Social Network based on Qtum Public Chain
“Qbao Network” and global security solution “Trustonic”. In fact, its “PlayWallet”,
you may store, pay, send, and receive with many Dapp services.

Also, PlayCoin construct “PlayCoin Alliance” that could create new payment
lifestyle that can be used in both online and offline.

Social Coin Reward System
that carries value of “Co-exist”.

PlayCoin distribute based on reward “Social Mining” basis, not classical mining method.
Social Mining is the innovative mining system that when influencer and users advertise
games, those influencer and users who created the profit from
advertisement will receive PlayCoin as reward.

PlayCoin and its third-party parters who joined PlayCoin platform will
receive its proportional profit from item purchase and advertisement from
Social Mining environement.